33afd81e-60af-42ac-aa1c-2d9c7e661085“The root of the issues related to contemporary adolescence has to do with leaving this age group to flounder on its own; the answer is relationships with adults who sincerely care. That is the sole need of this abandoned generation.”    Chap Clark, Ph.D., Hurt: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers

Sanctus is a non-profit mission that seeks to engage catholic teens who have become disengaged from their local parishes.  We walk local churches, pastors, youth ministers into the “world of kids.”  We help pave the way for young adults to join us in this mission field by training them to build Christ-centered relationships that act as the bridge back to the local church.

It’s an exciting, strategic mission based off of the call for the New Evangelism, & we’re excited to share it with you!  Thank you for visiting us here & for joining us in prayer over the 90% of our catholic teens who are currently disengaged from faith.

Want to get involved?  We’d love to start that conversation with you!


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